The HomeZERO project aims to develop innovative technologies and systems in the construction area to boost sustainability and independence from external electricity supply networks using intelligent centralised management, local renewable energy production systems and energy storage systems associated with construction and architectural solutions that optimise energy efficiency, resulting in an energy balance very close to zero (NZEB).

Thus, it is intended to promote the optimisation of energy costs of buildings throughout their life cycle and the profitability of technologies and means available in modern society to mitigate environmental problems and promote progress towards the comfort of users combined with the maximum use of renewable natural resources available. The project foresees the construction of a prototype test and demonstrator of the results obtained that allows a better perception and dissemination of the created evolution.

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The main goal of the brickITsmart project is to develop habitable modules that are easy to manufacture, transport, and install, offering the end consumer the possibility to build their solution according to a do-it-yourself concept. Using as a starting point a basic and multifunctional construction element (Patent: PCT/IB2017/052338), it is intended, in the construction of this module, to use sustainable materials and apply technologies that contribute to the reduction of energy consumption, while ensuring thermal and acoustic comfort.
In addition to making use of the most advanced materials and modular construction technologies, this project aims to democratise access to modular construction for consumers, presenting itself on the market as a competitive solution that meets the do-it-yourself concept, involving the consumer from the creative part to the assembly of their habitable module.

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