You should contact your bank and deliver the requested elements, along with a description of the house you intend to build, including information about the Dreamdomus Construction System© (documentation to be provided by Dreamdomus).

That would be the ideal scenario since in that way we would be able to present a proposal more adjusted to reality. If you do not have a plot of land yet, you can also consult us to learn more about our technology, as well as the price for a generic project.

The Dreamdomus Construction System© is based on an industrialised and optimised process, which combines LSF (Light Steel Frame) or Wood Frame technology – according to the client’s preference – with SIP technology (Structural Insulated Panels). The combination of these technologies results in a product with excellent thermal and acoustic characteristics and great structural resistance. Additionally, the external cladding of the façades is guaranteed by the ETICS system. Inside, the coating of the ceilings and walls is made of plasterboard. All the remaining materials – such as ceramics, sanitary equipment, kitchen, wardrobes, lighting fixtures – are defined with the client and according to each project.

Dreamdomus houses are designed to withstand the most adverse conditions. By the structural nature of our constructions, we can affirm that the behaviour in case of an earthquake is superior to the great majority of masonry constructions. All constructions with a steel and/or timber structure are generally more resistant to earthquakes than traditional ones. This characteristic is related to the ductility and greater lightness of the materials used, as well as to the fact that this type of structure has a greater resistance to horizontal actions.

Fire resistance is guaranteed by the final cladding materials. All interior and exterior walls and ceilings are covered with materials resistant to the ignition and propagation of fire, such as plasterboard and ETICS system.

The Dreamdomus Construction System© uses multiple layers of insulation in the exterior walls and roof.

Our wall panels are made up of interconnected SIP panels, the core of which already has an excellent level of thermal insulation because these panels are manufactured with an inner layer of 153 mm in EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). Additionally, we use the ETICS system on the façades, with a thickness to be defined with the client, but never less than 3 cm.

On the roofs, which are made with our SIP panels, we also use a double structure with an air gap and a 24 mm OSB covering, which also supports the waterproofing sheets.

In the Dreamdomus Construction System©, the walls have a double layer of OSB and are never less than 225 mm thick, which translates into excellent thermal performance.

All our housing projects are developed to achieve the highest energy rating. In most of our buildings, the energy classification is A+ or A.
We desire that all dwellings are as efficient as possible, moving towards the implementation of the NZEB concept (nearly zero energy buildings).

All the infrastructure sections that run in the walls are installed inside the wall panels. We ensure that the infrastructure sections are always established vertically in the walls and are easy to locate. Furthermore, the fact that the interconnections are made in the false ceiling guarantees better maintenance and the possibility of redesigning the installations. This also guarantees the strict positioning of switches, sockets and water supply and collection points.


Yes, although using a company subcontracted by Dreamdomus. If the client prefers, he can directly adjudicate this item, or others, that complement his house.

Yes, although it is desirable that the project is fully defined from the start. Don’t forget that one of our guiding principles is the rationalisation of time and resources as part of our commitment to sustainability and competitiveness.

In the factory, the parts comprising the interior and exterior walls are produced. Their respective installation and interconnection are done on-site. The roof and the cladding are installed on-site, although they are prepared in the factory.

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