Home Automation


Several features may integrate the home automation system.
Here are some of the most frequent ones:

Automatic light control
Green spaces irrigation control
Control of air conditioning and ventilation systems
Creation of environmental scenarios
Shading control (blinds, awnings, etc.)
Monitoring energy consumption
Security system and video intercom integration
Functionalities controlled via the Internet
Integration with the surround sound system
Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort are always at the top of our concerns, particularly when we are at home.

A properly designed home automation solution should respond to these needs, interacting between users and installations in an intelligently and actively way.

Dreamdomus home automation solutions answer these purposes with the greatest reliability.


The design of everything inside our homes influences its ambience, and consequently our perception of the spaces.

And that is why Dreamdomus home automation solutions integrate products with outstanding design.

We work with the most renowned equipment manufacturers, offering products of high sophistication and design.

KNX technology

Because we know that operability and reliability are the two main concerns of those who come to us for the installation of a home automation solution, we take these aspects with added care.

We work with solutions and devices based on the KNX protocol, which features high reliability and important decentralization in information management. World-leading manufacturers of building automation equipment use and promote the KNX protocol.

Flexibility and evolution

One of the biggest arguments when deciding to install a home automation solution is its future flexibility.

Only with a home automation installation is it possible to guarantee this evolution and flexibility.

It is very easy to replace equipment and modify functions to adapt to new realities, which are not possible in a traditional electrical installation.

Energy efficiency

Environmental – and economic – sustainability has become a necessary concern today.

Without wanting to give up comfort levels, it is important not only to build well but also to manage energy well.

Only with a home automation solution is it possible to establish automatic and logical actions that rationalise the operation of the facilities, achieving high levels of energy efficiency.

Want to make your smart home?