Modular Construction

Sustainable modular construction

Dreamdomus Construction System© is based on the principles of sustainable construction. Throughout the process, from the design phase to the completion of the construction, we strive to rationalise resources, optimising materials, water, and energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is a fundamental objective. All buildings are designed to provide excellent levels of energy performance throughout their lives, a goal achieved through the choice of sustainable materials. Wood is an organic, renewable material that provides sustainable and ecological construction, and it is the dominant element of the Dreamdomus Construction System©. Our Home Zero project is an example of our desire to be increasingly sustainable.

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Architecture and construction

Dreamdomus ensures all the necessary processes for the licensing and construction of your home, from the architecture project phase to the delivery of the house. By executing all the processes in an integrated flow, we achieve greater results and better coordination with the client.


For Dreamdomus, it is fundamental that our buildings must be synonymous with comfort. We work to ensure that this purpose is transversally achieved regarding thermal, acoustic, and functional comfort.

Energy efficiency

The improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings should be a constant challenge in the development model of societies, endeavouring a progressively more sustainable world. We seek to contribute to this aim by studying and implementing construction processes that progressively ensure more efficient and sustainable buildings.

Reduced construction time

We work with a strong focus on planning to optimise construction times without compromising quality. Even if the duration of any construction always depends on countless factors, the Dreamdomus Construction System© methodology allows a significant reduction in construction times when compared with more traditional construction processes.


Sustainability is a major source of our inspiration. It is one of the reasons why our buildings use less concrete and little water. The quantity of fuel and energy consumption is also relatively lower throughout the entire construction process. The level of thermal insulation we use in our buildings also ensures more efficient, more comfortable, and more sustainable homes.

Regulatory compliance

Our constructions comply with all applicable regulations and standards, namely the Structural Eurocodes. The structural insulated panels (SIP) we produce comply with the ISO 22452 standard and are tested in independent laboratories. Our goal is to implement the best construction practices and the best safety and hygiene procedures at work.

Home Automation

The concept of home automation is strongly linked to comfort and energy efficiency. That’s why we recommend that all our buildings be equipped with a home automation installation based on KNX technology (
Our home automation installations are safer than conventional installations, in addition to managing control functions in a more intelligent and functional way, with greater flexibility, allowing for future updates and developments.

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Constant innovation in construction

From the beginning, we aimed to innovate in the world of construction. Our choice of a modular and sustainable building system was not a random one. It was a decision in line with our desire to offer the most advanced construction techniques and materials available on the market at a competitive price. At present, Dreamdomus Construction System© is designed using industrialised and optimised processes and is based on SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) technology, in combination with Light Steel Frame (LSF) or Light Wood Frame (LWF) systems, as complementary and interconnecting structural elements.

The SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels) are the basis of Dreamdomus Construction System© for their excellent properties of structural resistance and thermal insulation, allowing construction solutions with a high structural and energy performance.

These panels are now widely used in construction in northern Europe and the United Kingdom, where high performance in terms of resistance and energy efficiency is required of buildings.

The panels we use are manufactured in our industrial facilities under ISO 22452 standard. Dreamdomus was a pioneer in the use of this technology in Portugal, being the first Portuguese company with its manufacture and one of the first to use this technology in building.

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