Our way of being

Enriching our technical, creative, and implementation potential has been one of our priorities.

In our way of acting, we insistently seek respect for the ethical and human values of those who share the entire value chain with us. Respect for the environment is always one of our concerns, thus seeking to contribute to a cleaner, more efficient, more sustainable and more intelligent world.

What we do

Dreamdomus’ business is based on two closely related sectors of activity:

Modular Construction

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In all our business activities, we seek disruptive and creative solutions, focused on simplicity, comfort, and quality.

Our team

Our team is composed of a group of professionals with training in the most diverse areas:

  • Management team
  • Civil engineering
  • Architecture
  • Electrical engineering
  • Technicians
  • Marketing and sales

We seek an environment of information sharing and transversal collaboration, based on common objectives as a form of motivation and alignment.


Dreamdomus has recognised skills to operate in all areas of its activity:

  • License 53554 IMPIC
  • KNX Partner Certification
  • EcoeXpert (Schneider Electric Certification)

Strengthening our skills is a constant priority at Dreamdomus. Continuous training and knowledge transfer to the company and the whole team are part of our genesis.

Vision, Mission, and Values


To be a reference company in the market of sustainable and intelligent modular construction.


To develop technologically advanced and sustainable solutions, capable of contributing to a significant improvement in people’s quality of life in their homes.


Trust. Excellence. Creativity. innovation Honesty. Respect for human values. Respect for the environment.


The work of Dreamdomus is evidenced in our portfolio in numerous works carried out in different areas of its activity:

Services buildings
Healthcare buildings

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