Domotic and Technical Management


When planning to build or rehabilitate a home, some of the biggest concerns are Safety, Comfort, Energy Efficiency, and of course the building ability to do not become obsolete in a short period of time.

These goals are not possible without an intelligent, flexible and evolutionary home automation system.


Safety and comfort are always our top concerns, especially when it comes to a home. 

A properly designed home automation solution must meet these needs by interacting with users and its facilities in an intelligent and active way.

Dreamdomus’ domotic solutions respond to all of these requirements with the highest reliability.


The design of what’s inside our homes, influences its environment and consequently our experiences.

For this reason Dreamdomus’ home automation solutions integrate products with outstanding design.

We work with benchmark equipment manufacturers, with products with high sophistication and design.


We are extremely focused on the operability and reliability of a home automation solution, as we know that these are the most concerned aspects to those who are looking for an installation.

We work with solutions and equipment based on the KNX protocol (www.knx.org).

This protocol presents high reliability on operation and an important decentralization in information management. The world's largest manufacturers of electrical equipment use and promote the KNX protocol.


When making a decision to install a home automation solution, one of the biggest concerns is its future flexibility.

Only with a home automation installation you can guarantee evolution and flexibility in the future.

There is a great facility for replacing equipment and modifying functions, to adapt to new realities something that it’s not possible in a traditional electrical installation.


Environmental and also economic sustainability, have become an important concern nowadays.

In order to do not loose levels of comfort, it is important to build well, but also to manage energy well.

Only with a home automation solution it’s possible to establish automatic and logical actions that rationalize the operation of the building, achieving high levels of energy efficiency.


There is a wide range of features that can integrate a home automation solution. Below are some of the most common:

  • Lighting Control / Automatic lighting 
  • Control of ventilation and air conditioning 
  • Shading Control (blinds, awnings, etc) 
  • Security systems (intrusion, smoke, gas and flood detection)
  • Video surveillance system and Access Control
  • Ambient Sound system
  • Control Garden Irrigation System
  • Creation of different Environment Options
  • Monitoring of Energy Consumption
  • Access and Remote Control of options, via internet.

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